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fairy tale wedding

In coffee on September 13, 2019 at 3:20 pm


she says: i can’t believe i am dragging my chronic low-grade misery across country to this joyous occasion.

he says: i don’t know why i have to go. it is not like i will be bringing any sunshine to the event.

and then her crusty old parents dusted off their rusty hearts and flew into hurricane winds to be there for their glorious, fabulous, much-loved daughter. rainbow cousins raced fierce falling trees on the north coast and awoke to identical twin girls jabbering in various languages at the foot of the bed on the east coast. friends and families were summoned from distant islands, the bay, and even just four blocks away.


the bride and her intended were gorgeous. the ritual sublime, notes-on-paper vows so heartfelt; venue, jazz band, catered food, cocktails, weather . . . all was perfection. cousin shared blessings from grandmother and uncle conjured up grandfather in his toast. there were so many beautiful people gathered together that the earth tilted on its axis a little.



a whirlwind weekend with happiness swelling in all the breasts. two kinds of people: unhampered by shyness or age-issues, most folk took to the dance floor. my brother and i found good coffee shops and numerous park benches to quietly celebrate.




  1. You have an incredible gift with words and mental images. What a perfect story! Please say more about those identical twins and tell me what Kim’s toast was. Kirya called me yesterday and we had a good chat.

    • lovely! heh, it was niki who barely avoided being hit by a tree on hwy128 and figbar & kelly stayed with his uncle in new york. jonathan’s girls are growing up and can speak russian and chinese (i think). kim polished his toast under a tree in the park like a gentle ferdinand. i bet he still has his notes . . .

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