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In more coffee on June 21, 2014 at 4:24 pm

so i chose independence day as my last day of work. i want a little fanfare/fireworks when i leave my three year-old post. i hate when people cheerfully ask me about my post-work plans. i have none. i am not leaving because i have something better in the works; i am merely escaping. i cannot see my future. the crystal ball is completely dark. i have been foraging for food and accepting charity. we have two plum trees, an apple tree, and blackberry vines creeping in through the back fence. my gardening guru buddy planted basil with me and pruned the citrus plants. when she bicycles over to my house her baskets are always full of garden bounty.


my sister in crime at work supports my fishy inclinations. she always thoughtfully purchases a second box of sardine tins for me at costco and oh-so-generously gave me some prized scallops. a little squeezed lemon and lime and a purloined sprig of parsley, pink himalayan salt & fresh pepper, and next day i was eating scallop ceviche like a queen.


when i can’t afford fresh bakery breads, i have my breakfast salmon on crispbread. i like the sourdough rye because i believe rye is a traditional diets food for us transplanted swiss folk. also makes me think of our childhood baja camping trip where we ate a lot of tuna on crispbread. dad called it hardtack and i was pretty darn grown before i discovered most people do not call it hardtack.


fruit: free

sardines: $2.00

crispbread: $3.69

friendship: priceless

  1. the cost of the Salmon was missing.

  2. yes, salmon is not frugal shopping.

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog! ThisThis was a great post reflecting the berkeley community and the historic Peet’s!

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