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my fairytale job

In more coffee on December 27, 2013 at 9:56 am

there once were five queens who ruled a land of (raw) milk and (coconut) honey. one queen loved too much and became sick. he slowly withered and died. the other queens were swept up in a constant cycle of producing and sharing. many lovely gypsies, jesters, and healers passed through their kingdom. the queens grew weary and chose a boy king to rule the land. the people did not love him so he threw gold coins at the throngs and spoke in a sparkly tongue. the land grew bigger and richer but the queens suffered from evil spells. one queen’s mind grew dark and her breast betrayed her. another queen succumbed to winter and lost her hearing. the third queen was plagued by a rash that itched day and night. sometimes the last queen could not be found in the counting house counting all the money because her feelings were too hurt and she couldn’t leave her bed. the queens selected favorite useful people and built a circular maze for everyone to dance through in the hopes of getting somewhere. a new year begins in a few days with hopeful beautiful folk wearing garlands in their hair and dancing in endless circles.


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