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In more coffee on May 27, 2013 at 2:27 pm

let’s review. after body-blocking me while chatting up the pretty lady you cannot then turn around and accuse me of being a quiet wall-flower. insisting you don’t eat dinner as an excuse for never taking me out is not okay. heartfelt thanks for the sandwich i made you but not for the lovemaking that preceded it is kinda off-kilter. how can you be my age and not know that being shitty to the waitress is a deal breaker. why share your favorite movie with me if you are just going to jump me ten minutes in. on the one hand, it is rude to not include me by speaking in another language but maybe i don’t really mind because it reminds me of my swiss dad and you were just talking car stuff anyway. and why in the world do you think your girl friend wants to hear about sports, stats, numbers, or anything at all of a competitive nature; don’t you have any boy friends?

as much as i enjoy every aspect of afternoon coffee shops: the beverages, the company, the goodies, the pursuit of perfect uplifting/comforting moments . . . i feel the opposite way about daytime bars. people who search out a dimly lit bar stool in broad daylight are probably not my people. when i tell you i prefer cafes to restaurants i didn’t mean cafeterias. retro is fun when you wear it, not so much when you eat it. do we really want to know where they are sourcing their turkey gravy, potato salad, and sponge cake from. guys, as much as you like being in the drivers’ seat is how much we girlies don’t like being driven around. and just because she is quiet doesn’t mean the lady wants to give you all of her attention. she might be thinking about cake a little bit.







  1. Seems I dodged a bullet.

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