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enter & win

In coffee on April 21, 2013 at 5:11 pm

Correctly identify any one of the following coffee havens and


anthony med impression laboulange

you’re welcome


cake happened

In coffee on April 2, 2013 at 6:46 pm

so my oven died in the middle of an attempt to make gluten and dairy-free chocolate cookies for my baby sister even though it goes against my religion to forsake cake flour, butter and milk. i cried buckets over my ruined holiday baking plans. when visiting family, i always show up bearing a bundt cake to ensure cries of delight as i come through the doorway. i considered cancelling my annual northern visit because i didn’t want to discover how a cake-less tanja would be received. but my sister insisted i should bring up ingredients and bake a cake in her kitchen. she is the boss of me so i did. cobwebbed cake tools were found in the back of her cupboards, a few inches of counter space were freed up in her busy kitchen, and a fresh toy paint brush stood in for a pastry brush. and from buster’s anonymous lemons gift, a zesty lemon bundt cake rose up. it was an easter miracle!

lovelemons lemon cooling success

my grandniece, isa, was impatient waiting for the cake to cool. i reminded her that she doesn’t like cake. she just likes schprinkles.


my favorite thing to do in mendocino is soak up all the sun shining on my sister’s front porch. my family’s favorite thing to do is force me to go for a hikey-poo regardless of the weather. getting battered by wind and rain and arguing about wearing enough clothing is mandatory. every year.

porch hike

my mother lives in a tower underneath double rainbows. she puts me up and puts up with me. she tucks me in and in the morning we have peet’s french roast and oatmeal with cranberries, banana and cinnamon. i still had room for my brother-in-law’s waffles after.