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In coffee on February 4, 2013 at 5:16 pm

i’m pretty sure i flunked the online kaiser health quiz. my unapologetic sun-worship paired with my firm belief in the health benefits of butter plus an un-american claim to have no interest in weight loss did not win me any gold stars. also kaiser thinks i am depressed. i thought checking i am happy sometimes would balance out the i feel people don’t like me sometimes but looks like kaiser does a different type of calculating. kaiser does think i am imbibing just the right amount. i wonder if kaiser likes campari on facebook too.


i have been spending/wasting time with an old old dear friend. not a rebound man exactly; i would say he is my gateway guy. he has so many of those male traits that make us girls want to scramble up the nearest tree and refuse to come down ever again until the planet supports only girls and girly folks who play nice. his inability to listen, a tendency to start fights, and prejudice/phobia towards/of overweight people remind me why i am in no hurry to resume dating fellows again. and meanwhile i enjoy the outings, cappuccinos at the med, funny stories, and impromptu poemy-poos. watch me, i can turn any testosterone-filled man into my best-girlfriend. he and i are kind of like stephen and maurice. but not as funny, talented, or famous. and i’m working on ending our day long adventurous dates just a titch earlier because i suffer from dusk related anxiety, because we are old, and because i have cottoned on to how he is likely to burst into song at twilight. and you know how i hate musicals!


  1. At first I was unhappy with this girl friend’s review. But on another reading, I thought it could have been worse and learned not to sing to the girl or do anything to drive her up a tree.

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