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In coffee on October 15, 2012 at 5:12 pm


we used to play foursquare back in grade school. i don’t remember the rules anymore but i recall the feel and sound of the big red bouncy ball. i wonder if the school formerly known as columbus still has the foursquare grids painted on the playground. we girls would group and line up and play nicely together. sometimes the boys would want to play with us and that would be fun until it wasn’t. we would forget that playing with boys always escalated to the point where the boys just couldn’t play calmly anymore. they would energetically and gleefully ruin our game and we would stamp our feets, give them a piece of our minds, and banish them. except for one boy. his name was jay hart and he genuinely liked playing with girls. we spent hours of recess time playing foursquare with our little redheaded buddy, jay. he played the game our way which is to say the right way and was always welcome. i have often wondered in the many years since if he is still good at playing with girls. what a rare gem.

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