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doing all the talking

In coffee on September 15, 2012 at 10:33 am

i am mourning the passing of summer. already it is getting dark earlier and there isn’t any sunshine on elmwood cafe’s outdoor seating after i’m done at the bookstore on saturdays. but you don’t care, my special shape shifter.  you reinvented yourself everyday but one thing you remained consistent about is that you don’t drink coffee. you asked me at the beginning what do i want and i didn’t know how to answer. i’m ready to tell you now even though you are not listening anymore. i want to be unmoored. i want to float free of all my constraints and feel that every and anything is possible and then catch myself reflected in your eyes and in that moment i will be given back to myself.

it began and ended at crixa cakes. chocolate mousse for you and a poppyseed rugalach for the lady. with coffee, of course.


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