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In coffee on August 28, 2012 at 11:48 pm

percolating . . . waiting for all the priceless moments to rise to the top. loved the august heat in new york. managed to stoop sit for a quick moment before we gave up the bed stuy lodging and fled to a proper hotel in downtown brooklyn. i shared my morning stoop with a resident skin & bones cat with a cancerous lip. of all the many unacceptable features of our falsely advertised dwelling, it was the smell that was the most suspect. just what exactly was that overwhelming perfumed cleaner trying to mask anyway. we are tough broads and might have considered sticking it out but we got treated to my first first class flight on the way over and one can get used to being treated like a queen. i amused the flight attendants because i kept declining their offers: champagne in my orange juice, private movies consul, and fresh baked cookies. actually i only missed out on the cookies because i was dead asleep.


thanks to my sister-in-law, i had an expert companion and guide for having fun in new york city. and she is such a smarty-pants she figured out how to make a home-brewed cup of coffee in the coffee-pod machine. and then i found my cereal by chance in a small grocery store and was able to jump start my mornings properly.


we had been tipped off about doughnut plant in advance by our other sister with good ideas and we visited their two locations multiple times. we put aside our issues with sugar and/or gluten and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.



several days in, my daughter took us to a fine little coffee shop called the annex which contained all the ambiance i was missing so far from home and hadn’t been able to find on my own. and i ate the best apple of my life there too.



we walked all the way to the botanical gardens in the bronx for a special monet exhibit (trains were involved too, silly!), window shopped all over manhattan, explored central park, ran with my daughter in prospect park, promenaded on the high line park (twice!), had a chocolate party in our hotel room, ate fine meals late in the evenings with “the kids” . . . thai, south american, french, muddled cocktails, and curried mussels at brooklyn moon for lunch. we were introduced to fine cheeses and chalkboard murals by our budding artist nephew. and of course i had to visit the plaza and tip my hat to eloise. so many little girls getting their pink on at the plaza.


i have been reminded that the very best thing about traveling is being able to see your loved ones who live and thrive far away. and to spend open-ended time with them because no one needs to cut things short to return to a hotel room, do they? too fantastic to see your kids partnered with lovely new friends who get them. and because we three oldsters were sharing one room i got to bask in the warmth of a married couple’s affectionate sleep language. wish i could have brought new york’s summer heat back with me. i had to turn the heater on here my first night back.

  1. a tip toe
    through the boroughs
    and the fine heat of
    new york summer time

    lovely frolick
    i share your story

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