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In coffee on July 15, 2012 at 1:46 pm

so i broke up with cake. and loved ones demand an explanation. for in my case it’s not just forfeiting a food item, it is turning my back on a lifestyle, a culture, an interest close to my heart, and the reason i think i am popular at parties. people will always be happy to see me if i am bringing the sweet, yes? i’m sure my break-up is only temporary but at this moment in time cake is interfering with a rekindled desire to explore other flavors. kind co-workers stepped up with helpful tips about alternative cake recipes with sugar substitutions and i had to explain i have no hard feelings towards sugar. i’m just not interested right now. i want food. i want to relearn how to feed myself. with joy and pleasure, inching towards a belief that i deserve nourishment. cake tanja doesn’t want cake everyday; she wants seafood and tropical fruit and sunshine so that everyday is a vacation day. i want meals that take me to other lands without leaving town: switzerland, puerto rico, thailand . . . and then when my palette is refreshed and reawakened i will probaby need an incredible piece of fruity cake to celebrate my new life chapter. with good company and good coffee.

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