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In more coffee on June 12, 2012 at 4:22 pm

i hate that ten years ago i had to learn how to spell hemorrhage. in an attempt to explain what happened. a medical tragedy that happened to me of all people. i joked with friends that i had finally met mr. right (dr. wright actually) and he wanted to take my uterus. ironically, the surgeon discovered afterwards that he had cut perfectly healthy tissue and i should never have been tampered with. because i still have all my body parts i don’t have to be bitter but i did swear off doctors. forever. i already know how i’m going to go. i’ll be that crabby old lady trying to finish her tv show and . . . my light will go out. and then someone else will have to look after my really old turtle.

sometimes you learn a lesson or two but then your personal settings revert to their original state. and then you are reminded all over again about something you already knew. every time i think i know exactly what to expect, the whole scene changes and that forlorn dusty road ahead of me disappears. i need to learn how to dream bigger. with color. i wonder if i still know how to skip like a little girl.Image

  1. i know
    you can skip

  2. You are a profoundly gifted writer… such feelings you stir up…

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