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In coffee on May 25, 2012 at 9:03 pm

sometimes we decide we don’t like roller coaster rides. so we get off and try really hard not to feel things for a very long time. and then baby leaves the nest, the chickens and duck grow old, the tortoise sulks, and you decide to move back home. and you find work, maybe not enough but some, and you work on yourself but you don’t want to be a “dull boy” so you look up old friends to play with and make some new ones. and whoops you are back in the game; tall enough to take this ride. there is soaring. there is falling. there is speed and slowing down and oh such a wonderful view. and maybe when you weren’t looking you learned not to clutch the rail so hard. and you can always close your eyes through the worst parts. and the best. but since we like to talk about coffee let me just say this: my new infatuation is espresso cubano.

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