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In coffee on May 6, 2012 at 6:03 pm

garden bouquet

my little brother has been very dutiful about keeping all of us back here abreast of all that he is doing in his new adventures land. he and his sweetie got married in march so i guess i should refer to him as mister little brother. while they wait for mountains of citizenship papers to process they are not risking crossing the canadian border and their travels are limited to their little corner of the world. via the emails he sends, we have been enjoying architecture, foods, foliage, sightseeing, and the obligatory self-portrait shot of the two lovebirds. trust me, we would complain if that shot wasn’t included. every time. i myself don’t get out much. in fact, my circles of travel get smaller and smaller without a car, with aging, and with settling into my berkeley routine. today i changed up the layout of my room and feel like i really got somewhere.

rough neighborhood

buster and i can get everywhere i need to go. sometimes it’s nice to leave the bike at home and traverse the neighborhoods on foot. there were some delightful shots i did not get today. the adorable little blond sisters who insisted i buy a raffle ticket. they threw in a mom-baked oatmeal cookie for good measure. when they were done with me, the pair turned on the tough teenage boys with braided hair and low pants trying to sidle by. the lads mumbled no thank you they didn’t have any money on them. there was a friendly cat soaking up the heat in a garden with large lavender painted rocks in it. while waiting to cross the street, a car full of young ladies and trailing mylar balloons pulled up. “excuse me!”, she said, all sassy . . . uh-oh, i thought . . . she grinned even bigger and hollered, “you’re beautiful!” a few blocks closer to home, another young lady hollers at me from her doorstep, “i like your shirt”. i need to get out more often.

winning ticket

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