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In coffee on April 23, 2012 at 4:26 pm

i don’t need to take suze’s financial age quiz to figure out how mature i am about managing my finances. i will probably always feel like a kid just happy to have an allowance when i am around other adults discussing their savings, investments, homes, travel & work. i don’t understand large sums of money; all big numbers are the same to me. stars are really big, right? but they just look like flashes of light in the night sky. now when the dogs’ eyes are described as the size of saucers or the size of dinner plates i am able to follow right along. and if i have enough pocket money to go out for coffee and a goodie everyday then i am a fortunate creature who must have had three wishes granted somewhere along the way.

i have an immature but also ancient approach to religion as well. surely sun worship is much older than the son of god, yes? i am always most alive and filled with cheer in the warm embrace of the sun. and we sun worshipers suffer greatly when our god hides from us. i also believe in angels . . .

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