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In coffee on December 4, 2011 at 5:50 pm

so my co-worker and i were a bit hard-pressed to find our commonality. she can’t remember the last time she had cold cereal for breakfast. i only ever have cereal for breakfast and if you invite me out to breakfast or brunch i have probably already had my cereal and coffee. she doesn’t eat sandwiches for lunch. i always pack a sandwich and an apple in my precious moments lunchbox. she has a weakness for fine cheeses but no sweet tooth. everyone here knows my day revolves around my late afternoon coffee and goodie. and in my free time i am probably baking a bundt cake. but . . . we both have december birthdays and we both were babies who ate dirt! we agree that wet earth is our favorite smell in the world and i confessed that even as a young adult piles of rock looked vaguely edible to me. i am probably mineral deficient.

i don’t know if i share this passion with anyone else . . . i truly love catching a whiff of cigarette smoke when walking down a city sidewalk. i think the smell triggers memories of europe. when we were in switzerland last may, we visited my father’s wife in her old-folks home. we sat outside and had coffee together. i was so tickled to see bundled up lone senior citizens in wheelchairs enjoying espresso and a smoke. i also appreciate how europeans know how to always carry a hankie. and they know how to use them; with no apology. my people, for sure. i thought this trip had ended my years-long passion for collecting because having to clean up a hoarder’s house kind of kills your joy for mementos and collectibles in an instant. but six months later i notice i still comb ebay and etsy for vintage finds. and although i think i might have toned things down a bit, don’t be surprised if you find yourself on the receiving end of a themed package of vintage fun. i like to find classic little golden books for my grand niece and their accessories. like the saggy baggy elephant with a saggy baggy elephant puzzle and a saggy baggy elephant hankie. and of course we all are currently enjoying collecting our old friends. and keeping them alphabetically arranged on our “wall”. i’ve noticed a little problem with collecting my best friends from grade school. part of me could so easily revert to our olden ways: seeing each other every day, constantly phone calling, and hoofing it across town for play dates and sleepovers. but these are busy grown women now. with husbands. and i am way too shy to phone people.

i was part of a mob scene today. not a politically correct one, just part of the crowd of people clearing off the shelves of the going-out-of-business andronico’s on telegraph. i was hoping to stock up on my favorite raspberry ginger crisp cereal but it was long gone. i was pretty good at only purchasing items i would normally shop for but i couldn’t resist buying a bottle of swiss water. parked it at home next to a cheap bottle of vodka i just had to buy because its label is so reminiscent of those made up slavic countries from tintin books.