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In coffee on November 21, 2011 at 4:32 pm

i have to quit my job. i finally acclimated to the physical demands of packing deliveries, have learned how to be fueled by food, and enjoy my fabulous co-workers, but i abhor bringing home all the cooking odors of the day in my hair. seriously, this is a deal-breaker. was anybody watching that first reality show years ago, the osbournes, and do you remember how they lived in a large posh house but mama osbourne wouldn’t allow any meals to¬† be cooked in it because she couldn’t abide the smells? yes, it’s true; i am sharon osbourne. now, if you want to conjure up some baked goods, that’s altogether different. we like us some cake stink!

i guess i’m not a true gourmet coffee snob because i’m not sold on grinding my own beans. yes, grinding beans every morning ensures the freshest cups possible but . . . grinders are kinda noisy, messy, and a little wasteful. and if you live with a watch duck for ten years, the last thing you want to do is announce to her any sooner than you have to that you are up. extending your me-time first thing in the morning means tiptoeing around the kitchen and stealthily making your pink pot of coffee with already ground peet’s sumatra in the hopes that you will be able to drink it before she summons you outside. so now i live with just the turtle and she doesn’t yell or bark if i bang about the kitchen but i wonder: how fresh is my freshly ground coffee really if there is always the left-over residue from previous grinds mixed in? and oh how we hate to spill even a little of our valuable coffee on the counter or the floor but we always do. so i compromise; peet’s i purchase already ground and the blue bottle coffee beans i have been picking up at the farmers’ market necessitate grinding here at home but on those days i have to get up in the dark i probably have pre-ground the day before. too much noise first thing in the day will ruffle my feathers.

some people might fidget with impatience in the extremely slow moving line at the blue bottle coffee cart. and then there are those of us who just beam with pleasure, soak up the sunshine and the visual pleasures of visiting a farmers’ market. two kinds of people, i always say.