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In coffee on October 9, 2011 at 5:46 pm

the real challenge of frequent coffee shop sampling is to find the just-right cafe where both the coffee and the goodies are great. my best coffee chum and i have grown very partial to sweet adeline bakery and visit at least once a week. currently, my go-to treat is their buckle cake. it’s hard to pass up the dolled-up cupcakes but i have become very intrigued with old-fashioned desserts and am also studying how fruity can cake get before it is pie? sweet adeline’s house coffee is not excellent so i usually get a cappuccino. my buddy is all about lemony desserts so he always gets a slice of their lemon pound cake. i had high hopes for the north berkeley cafe with blue bottle coffee but that ended up being an awkward first date. i don’t understand why but the coffee was terrible. and the only goody in sight was a plain croissant. very attractive wait people and groovy vibe but not a good high tea experience. probably should have ordered their signature waffles. walked over to peet’s after to get a proper dose of good coffee. and i could hear the green tea cupcakes calling to me from love at first bite in walnut square but i had already eaten the croissant. next time we’ll stick with tried & true. they’ll be expecting us at sweet adeline. my friend wonders what they think of us there. i bet they think we are mother & son.


  1. Mother and son…. right…. LMAO. More like mom and pops, Berkeley style. 😉

  2. Hello! I’m really close to Sweet Adeline 🙂

  3. neighbor! we should do coffee . . . er, hot chocolate.

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