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In coffee on September 27, 2011 at 4:53 pm

i didn’t mean to stray. i’ve been very happy in our long term relationship; committed, satisfied, and even successfully navigating a twenty-year long-distance situation. but when i read the photo caption in the recent article How Peet’s Starbucked Itself, i recognized myself: Many former die-hard Peet’s fans now buy coffee at small, artisan roasters. i must admit i have been making the effort for some time now to get out & about and try new coffee shops. just to grow a little, to supplement my first-love coffee life, explore new neighborhoods, and possibly make new friends. and little by little, blue bottle coffee has grabbed my attention. the sight of ceramic cone filters lined up waiting patiently for discerning customers makes my heart sing a little. the elitist blue bottle baristas hit just the right notes of superiority and inclusion, and the espresso drinks are always beautifully adorned with a foamy leaf-heart.

i wandered into summer kitchen in the elmwood area because a dainty cupcake had caught my eye. then i noticed the blue bottle coffee cones. sold! i told the cashier my order was for here but she either forgot or disagreed because she boxed up my vanilla berry cupcake to go and lidded my coffee cup. i loitered on a stool and enjoyed my treats while watching the gourmet chefs do their thing. i didn’t sense that anyone really minded so my heat-wave scruffiness couldn’t have been that bad. i’m headed to guerilla cafe in north berkeley this weekend because i have discovered they serve blue bottle also. i haven’t yet bought blue bottle coffee beans to bring home with me. when that day comes, i will have to re-evaluate my peet’s coffee relationship status.

tuesdays: south branch library & derby street farmers' market