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In coffee on August 23, 2011 at 12:00 pm

i made a mistake. over a dozen years ago i tracked down an old co-worker i always thought the world of. since this was long before facebook and our current obsession with collecting old friends, my search came under the realm of stalking. i never heard back from him. but yesterday, buoyed up by another inspiring high school reunion, i braved rejection once again and requested friendship. and, while i was outside letting my tortoise kick up her heels in the sun, he accepted! this warmed my cockles so much buster and i had to immediately climb my hill and order some afternoon peet’s coffee. i was savoring my new little nugget of hope and almost neglected to eat the ginger snaps i picked up from the breadgarden bakery next door. i said almost.

the cute guy was there again. with his mom and dad. he’s so lucky. not only does he have both his parents but they are coffee enthusiasts too. sometimes he brings his lady. she fidgets. and looks mildly perplexed. as if she’s thinking: isn’t it kind of late in the day for coffee? didn’t we just see your parents a few days ago? why are we just sitting around? isn’t sunshine bad for us? i bet she doesn’t get cake either.

one of the last dates i went on before i gave up dating for good was an early evening coffee date. except the fellow kept exclaiming how he couldn’t drink coffee so late in the day anymore and tried to steer me towards herbal tea. i didn’t understand how my coffee imbibing was going to interfere with his sleep so i ordered a fucking cappuccino. i’m way too grouchy to date.