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In coffee on July 21, 2011 at 12:25 pm

buster is my transgendered bicycle with a sturdy vintage male frame and a froofy vinyl and plastic flowered front basket. buster and i like to toodle all the way up derby street to the running track which used to be part of the deaf and blind school a quarter century ago. since this activity involves cycling, stairs, a mile around the track, with an awesome view of both the bay and a swimming pool, i like to refer to it as my triathalon training. for now i just walk the mile with the idea that maybe soon i can sneak a small jog past my whiny knees. i seem to currently have a hamstring injury as well. not exactly sure what caused it. i don’t remember doing anything. maybe not doing anything is the problem.

i used to meet my yoga buddy up here when our babies were new and get our jog on. one day my little girl decided to get her jog on and just took off around the track. and she kept going. and going. my daughter is moving to new york to pursue her dreams in ten days. if i ignore the fact that she is packing up all her belongings and her cat, i can pretend that she is just going off on one of her frequent jaunts around the country and not really moving away. i noticed a sign at the sf airport where you pick up or unload but can’t park. it says “active passengers only”. i felt a little taunted by the sign. c’mon, there are two kinds of people and some of us are more of the sidelines type.

on standard employment forms there is this question: are you able to perform the essential functions of the job with or without a reasonable accommodation? and of course since you have all your working parts the answer is yes. unless you’re looking for work and you’re fifty. then some doubt creeps in. yes, i can perform . . . unless i am having severe perimenopause symptoms which run the gamut from excessive cramping to severe depression. yes, i can perform . . . except my dad passed and i have to be excused to fly to switzerland and even months later tears may flow unexpectedly at any moment. yes, but not too early in the day. or too late. and if it’s storming, buster and i would rather stay home. and i require a coffee break at three. with cookies.