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get dressed

In coffee on March 22, 2011 at 8:05 pm

so there are two kinds of people and when we were kids we were allowed to loaf around without getting dressed all day. this worked for some of us who could be quite productive in our peejays but i think it always went against the grain for me. i’m related to people who don’t really get going until mid-afternoon and then can keep going until very late in the day. or until the early hours of the next day. myself, i like to get up with the sun, build some energy with a bowl of raspberry ginger crisp cereal and a dainty pink melitta pitcher of coffee and enjoy a natural arc of progression throughout the day. as some of my family members start their motors around two o’clock, i start to go downhill. high tea helps re-energize of course but believe me i am not planning on getting much accomplished after the enjoyable pick me up.

baby sister. she owns two businesses.

but since i am not doing much these days other than choosing favorite coffee shops to sample and blog about, i find that i am often not leaving the house until two nowadays either. and today i am waiting for the farmers’ market to open (2pm). have you noticed how everyone is grinning and beaming at farmers’ markets? it must all the gorgeous produce and the fresh air. i always get turned on by leafy kales, chards, and mustard greens. my sister always ends up with sausage, cheese, and pasties in her basket. i’m delighted that this market up my street has an espresso cart where they make beautiful cappuccinos with a lovely leaf design in the creamy foam.



In coffee on March 8, 2011 at 12:53 am

i haven’t been overly concerned about being overtaken with nostalgia and uncomfortable childhood memories with the move back to berkeley. then again, it’s only been two months and i typically have delayed reactions. but since i’m spending most of my time here in south berkeley, it’s daughter’s childhood i’m bumping into and not my own. my early years include oxford school, live oak park, north berkeley branch library, indian rock, and tilden park and i have yet to visit any of these sites. can you believe i haven’t gone to top dog yet?! we swiss are always in the mood for a good bockwurst. well, unless it’s high tea time and we are busy ordering a cappuccino and choosing a cookie.

i’ve been discovering that some friends are more in favor of lunch dates than coffee dates. i’m sure you can imagine how shocked i was to learn that a lifelong friend is “just not that into cupcakes”. i hear the words but i don’t really understand. i also have friends and family members who have no interest in coffee. since i only lose my desire for coffee when i’ve been really ill, it’s difficult not to be concerned about coffee apathy. what do you pair your cake with if you don’t drink coffee? i’m sure a grown-up peanuts’ lucy can be found these days smiling and uttering “happiness is a warm, make that hot, cup of coffee”. though i imagine charlie brown might avoid coffee because of his i.b.s.

my berkeley sisters lean towards award shows potlucks and museum cafe salads. and i’m still getting accustomed to being invited along without being required to bake a cake first! i could get used to dining out in good company. an old/new friend and i discovered the lovely house of curries up in the elmwood. bountiful, tasty food without too much fussy service; just how i like it. a hot meal on a rainy day. i wouldn’t attempt public meal adventures on my own. i’m not enough of a grown-up to wend my way through the foreign intricacies of ordering food. i need an experienced traveler to show me how it’s done.