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In coffee on January 30, 2011 at 11:22 pm

this is my mother’s old neighborhood. i moved into her old place. she wrote me lists; drew me cute sketches of the house. i was able to move in from afar, mentally arranging my furniture, acquiring just the right window treatments, figuring out where to park my tortoise and her big box. mima helpfully mentioned the corner store where one could pick up milk or toilet paper when a full shop wasn’t required. i silently scoffed. corner stores are for people who eat fast food, buy lottery tickets, and consider fluorescent colors a good dietary choice.

our corner store is called lee’s. mima says mr. lee recently retired when he realized he had been standing in the same spot for forty years. he is still a greeter though. i am positive the elderly asian gentleman who welcomed me to the neighborhood from his stairwell was mr. lee. pleasant dark skinned men from a different continent run the store now. i went in for the first time after foraging at the tuesday farmer’s market across the street. i bought gorgeous bouquets of chard and bok choy and a leek in the happy sun-drenched outdoors but then, because i’m still without a fridge, i needed to find my daily small container of milk for morning cereal and coffee. not only did lee’s have what i was looking for, but i was delighted to discover they sell real food as well! they almost have my cereal . . . not the raspberry ginger crisp i’ve been eating every morning for more years than i should mention here in case you think less of me . . . but another flavor of the same brand, and newman’s cookies, and some quick soups and dinners that i wouldn’t turn my nose up at.

so now i too would like to recommend lee’s corner store. especially if you need to pick up a little sumthin sumthin everyday. or if you’re recovering from a high fever and it’s cold outside and you probably couldn’t make it out of your neighborhood on foot.

  1. Hi Tanja,

    Lovely bit about the corner store. Mr. Lee. Have you your refrig. yet? Will read more later. Nice.

    L. Sheila

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