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In coffee on January 24, 2011 at 2:12 am

we almost always have a choice of direction but my compass needle is only pointed towards the sun. there are a few coffee shops in my neighborhood and i find i am most often pulled towards mojoe. mojoe is on the corner of two busy streets but for some reason is very quiet. no matter how many people have gathered inside, there is an air of happy calm. and there is plenty of seating outdoors in the sunshine. you might have to trip over kids’ bicycles and squeeze past bulky wheelchairs to order your cappuccino but it doesn’t feel like a struggle and everybody is easygoing. not a great selection of goodies, mostly imported, but quite often comfortable wins over thrilling. and there is nutmeg for schprinkles. my first time there, a small boy encouraged me to sit at their table. he and his mother were just waiting for food to-go, he assured me. moments later he was telling his mom we should let the nice lady enjoy her coffee and i should have a nice afternoon. i think he was seven.

and whether we are merely going out for coffee or going to the art museum it’s really all about people watching, isn’t it? at moma in sf i was very distracted by people’s color choices. who wears pink pants with a blue top and adds a yellow sweater? but there he was . . . and walking the other way was a palette of amber, bright red and royal blue. out on the street there was a fluff ball of a doggy wearing hot pink. and feeling pretty! years ago i used to work with a girl named amber who only wore varying shades of orangey-browns. they complemented her reddish hair and pale skin.

there seems to be a lot of talk these days of getting out of our comfort zone but i must admit i’m always actively looking for comfort: from the ritual of high-tea coffee and the warming rays of sunshine to reconnecting with old friends and family. to come from having worked six days a week for a very long time to the daunting task of looking for work anew, i feel very lucky to find balmy weather in january and friends who are happy to meet me for coffee . . .

  1. Love the sketch! 🙂

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