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In coffee on January 19, 2011 at 12:39 am

i’ve been keeping mum about my love life. i have had a single encounter each with three different neighbors. sweet adeline was the first. her reputation had preceded her all the way to the north coast before i moved down so i already knew this would be a successful blind date. i wasn’t prepared for her red velvet cupcakes though. i was thinking about ordering a healthy sized lemon snap when the plate of cupcakes in the back winked at me. oh, i had to have one. as i escorted my cupcake & cappuccino to a table, the other seated ladies yelped, “cute!” that’s just how cupcakes are. all dressed up and ready to party. she was devine: chocolate, ganache, and a sparkly sugar berry on top.

crixa cakes and i met in the rain. i was eager to check out her wares even though i had been warned she was a little snooty. you know . . . european. the cappuccino was bitter but what a selection of wonderful fine cakes! and how tremendous to finally find myself in a room filled with other like-minded people seeking coffee & cake in the middle of the afternoon. i wish everyone knew, as we do, that high tea time is the civilized time of day to indulge your sweet tooth. a grown-up after school snack, if you will. i was a little shy and ordered springerle instead of cake. made with wooden cookie molds and tasting of orange and anise: perfection! i can’t wait for our second date. i think i will have the tiramisu.

nabalom bakery and i are old friends but i haven’t spent any quality time with her in over twenty years. i have fond memories of her and the friends that both worked there or would accompany me on the search for yummy wares. i particularly remember her hamantaschen: poppy-seed filled tricorner cookies. this time around i fell for the espresso bean croissant. too lovely. and the cappuccinos are served in friendly pottery cup/bowls. she is still a cozy, friendly bakery with youthful energy. i have added her number in my little black (hot pink) book. and i will call again.

and because i have been flying solo for so long, i am happy to report that my new little cappuccino maker and i are becoming acquainted and there are plans afoot for baking bundt cakes and cupcakes right here in my new home. and you will all be invited.

  1. “you know . . . european.” hahahaha

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