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In coffee on January 15, 2011 at 2:53 am

these days ping pong back and forth from dreary & wet to sun-blessed. i lucked out on job fair day and broke out buster for my first berkeley bike ride. managed to give the impression i knew what i was doing, although laughing ravens seemed to follow me as i wound my way on side streets to emeryville. got a little lost and considered not going after all. found peet’s and a very long, long line forming just outside. folks with clipboards seemed to be in charge. went in and ordered cappuccino and cookie for lunch then reluctantly got in line. at least it was in the sun. thought about fleeing. curious passersby asked me what was going on and i didn’t feel so invisible . . . a cheerful couple told me how their daughter had gotten employed at a job fair. she was applying for a secretarial job but was directed towards teaching. been teaching ever since, has a masters . . . what a great success story. i was wished well and continued to make friends. the suave, well-dressed fellow with the fancy car was pretty sure he was too cool to talk to me but he liked my vintage pinback advertising coffee. a young bushy haired fellow had just recently moved here too and we talked about north coast pot and politics. both young girls and older women, all waiting in line, were friendly.

we lost the sun. hours passed. felt like ditching but we had all turned to blocks of ice and surely the next name called would be our own? eventually i got a sit down. don’t think i made a very good impression. pretty sure i wasn’t his type. but he did perk up when i included my graphically superb resume/card with my application . . . so we’ll see. did you know shifts start at 5am? but i could be eaten by a mountain lion if i was traversing berkeley on buster that early in the morning! and only $8.50 an hour? friend cassia would hoot and mock . . . wonder how the elder black man and the woman with the head wrap fared. at the fair.

  1. You may be cold and a little unsure, but you sure are FRIENDLY! Seems like you’re making friends wherever you go! Inspires me to be less grumpy 😉

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