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In coffee on January 13, 2011 at 2:20 am

so if you give a mouse a cookie, then she will want some peet’s coffee with that. and if you go to the peet’s on telegraph you will have to go in to buffalo exchange. and try on six outfits. and purchase one must-have: a sheer sleeveless top with ribbons on it. and while you’re there you apply for a job. and talk up your people skills. out on the avenue, you make quick but deep connections with all the other misfits. we recognize each other, i guess. and there is the bubbles lady! she hasn’t changed a bit in twenty years although she is not waving a bubbles wand at the moment but waving down a bus. and i have to go into shakespeare & co. books which also hasn’t changed and accidentally find fine books to buy. books are fun even before you read them because they look good on your coffee table. they suggest to others that you are a reader, a busy bee, and lead a well-rounded life. there should be a lot more reading going on around here now that i have accepted that i am an old broad and old broads have reading glasses.

it’s another sunless, chilly day so i park myself inside at the counter with my peet’s cappuccino. more waving and  smiling at strangers passing by. and then it happens. i hear that word again. it’s not just all the people on tv using it every time they open their mouths  these days. it’s everyone! and the word is “literally“. as in, “it was literally this or that” or “i literally did this or that” . . . and i wonder . . . so the use of literally distinguishes the action from . . . what? usually i am lying? sigh. bet the used books seller would have enjoyed discussing the subject of popular usage of words. some people like to conversate, you know.

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