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In coffee on January 10, 2011 at 9:01 pm

so dear cousin needed coffee but was willing to go for second best in order to introduce me to arizmendi pizza. oh my. i tasted a sample and even though it was an arugula & walnut special and i’m allergic to nuts the helpful counter dude and i agreed that i could probably successfully pick off/out the walnuts. so worth it! such delicious pizza crust. cousin and i both had a slice and i bought a great ready-to-go salad too. he had his favorite blueberry corn muffin with his coffee. i will have to return at a proper high tea time to sample their baked goodies and coffee. they just recently added an espresso machine and offer lots of coffee drinks choices. they serve fair trade coffee and encourage recycling.

wanted to take pictures but i was too messy from my lunch choices. families, couples, singles wandered through. an older woman was on her phone for awhile right next to us but she was european and i enjoyed the sound of her voice. outdoor seating available but this january sun isn’t quite warm enough is it. we ended up at peet’s in emeryville at cappuccino time. whenever i encounter that just-right peet’s coffee smell, i feel immediately at home. like so many of the shops in emeryville, peet’s was really spacious with an expectation or eager hope for the room to fill with customers. going back on wednesday for their job fair. maybe i will get lucky and peet’s will adopt me.

pizza & salad $8.50

  1. “Cousin,” huh?

  2. just teasing carlos. he hates it when i insist we’re related through daughter kirya and call him cousin.

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