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In coffee on January 8, 2011 at 3:59 am

first spotted cafe trieste when big brother drove past in the budget rental truck stuffed full of my schtuff. so good to be back in berkeley after almost twenty years up on the north coast. after a two-day housewarming party with oldest friends and family, and a two-parter tattoo date, i grabbed my best girl friend and headed for the cafe. it was a sunny afternoon and we were on foot. i thought i had remembered it being at dwight & sacramento but we had to hoof it all the way to san pablo. we counted that against the cafe. in its favor, the customers were a nice assortment of ages, colors, and groupings. i counted more newspapers than laptops. some asshole had to be all busy with their cell phone . . . oh wait, that was us.

the baked goodies were imported; my madelines were a little stale. my cappuccino was pretty and served in a china cup. and they had nutmeg available for schprinkles! best bud wasn’t in high tea mode and inquired about the country french lentil soup. the fellows behind the counter just shrugged. why struggle with vocabulary when there just isn’t that much to say about lentils. lentils were a bit crunchy but no uncomfortable consequences. fellows came out from behind counter to wipe surfaces and tidy. after five years working at my little sister’s toy store, i know the importance of mingling with the savages. i mean, the public.

one cappuccino and three madelines cost $6.09

  1. cuppa lentil soup (with three tiiiiiny slices of bread) was 4.05. crunchy but yum. and the company couldn’t be beat. ❤

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