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In coffee on January 6, 2011 at 3:39 am

so i’m going to spend time at every single peet’s coffee within walking or biking distance. why do you think i moved back to berkeley anyhow? die hard peet’s sumatra girl right here. first peet’s: shattuck & kittredge. nice ambiance; think i was expecting more elitism but the crew was young, casual and friendly. the barista was tall and maybe a little shy. he called out my name when my cappuccino was ready. i like it when fellows use my name. no fancy flourish in the foam and even though my coffee was for here, all drinks are served in disposable paper. just cocoa and cinnamon for schprinkles.

great corner for people watching. my favorite was the little girl who settled in at her table, spread out her things and gave her mother a cheerful book report. she must be a regular. a young street fellow liked my dreads. and my tims (timberland boots). saxophone player made pretty music a block away. i texted my baby daddy that i had forgotten to use the peet’s card he had given me years ago and i have carried in my purse ever since. we agreed i was a bit of a dumbass. next time.

no one ventured out from behind the counter to wipe tables. and they needed it. and seriously when was the last time anyone cleaned all those fingerprints off the glass door? the last ginger spice cookie was just the right size (big) and delicious!

cappuccino and cookie cost $4.28

  1. Excellent cafe reviews! Allow me to recommend a couple for you:

    Sweet Adeline. More of bakery with coffee on the side, but oh boy yummy!

    Modern Coffee, bottom floor of the Tribune tower in downtown Oaktown. Tiny, but good coffee. A Peets and a Tuffys within two blocks if you wanna get hella wired.

    Moody’s, corner of Dwight and Sacramento. Comfy chairs, ’nuff said!

    Keep ’em coming!

  2. and sunny outside seating! think i’m headed there today . . .

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